Wearing in Public

I am starting a series on wearing in public featuring a different diaper every day. I intend to wear one diaper to work for the whole work day (about 10 hours) and report my experiences. I will offer my perspective on things such as comfort over time, noise level, absorbency, comfort when wet, and anyContinue reading “Wearing in Public”

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

This is the third day of my my Blog. While i am very new to this i am very excited to see where this goes. It is my hope that i can progress over time and provide some quality and useful information and learn from the stories of others!

5 Reasons for Wanting Diapers…

I wanted to post my personal feelings regarding what it feels like, both physically and emotionally, to wear diapers. The experience varies widely from person to person, so most of this post will be personal experiences. I would hope this can be a place for parents, significant others, etc., to gain an empathetic insight andContinue reading “5 Reasons for Wanting Diapers…”

My Story

Throughout the years, i have spent countless hours trying to understand a secret of which i maintained since a very young age. Being tasked with fulfilling my emotional needs whist hiding the very fact these needs exist from any other human being is more than i was equipt to handle. What was wrong with me?Continue reading “My Story”

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