Wearing in Public: Day 2

Little for Big: Little Dreamers

This diaper has been on my radar for some time and i was very happy to be able to try one. My first impression when putting on the diaper was definitely a good one. The diaper fit so well and was easy to get snug. The diaper felt snug against my body and the inside was very soft. My opinion of this diaper, however, changed as the day went on.

Noise Level

This diaper is definitely made for the ABDL community as this diaper is loud. I almost removed the diaper a couple of times for fear that the diaper was way too noticeable. I even put a plastic bag in my pocket and let some of it hang out to give people a reason i might be crinkling so much when i moved. Again, this would have been great during role play or somewhere private, but not at all practical when trying to be inconspicuous.

Comfort when wet

This diaper did really well when wet and stayed relatively comfortable. One thing that did become problematic was that the diaper caused a lot of irritation on my inner thighs as i walked. The plastic rubbing against my legs became very uncomfortable throughout the day. This may have been caused by sweat as it was a hot day, but this was very unusual as this was.not usually the case. The diaper did absorb quickly and kept ny skin relatively as dry as could be expected on a hot sweaty day.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, i had struggled to keep the diaper on as it was very noisy. The Little Dreamers are definitely a great choice for regressing. The crinkling, the soft texture, and the thick padding are great and the diaper was all in all very comfortable had I not been sweaty and walking around all day. The diaper was very absorbent and held up well. However, this is definitely not a diaper i would choose to wear to work or in a public setting again.

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