Wearing in Public: Day One

ABU Super Dry kids

To start off this series, i decided to try a diaper that i have been wanting to try for some time now. Being a child of the early 90’s and developing a love of diapers at the same time, the ABU Super Dry Kids was almost a dream come true when i first saw the design.

To start, i must say, i absolutely LOVE the two tape design. Only having one tape on either side, for me, was easier to put on tightly and get a good fit. Another major plus for the two tapes, the tapes never dug into my leg like the 4 tape diapers do. It seems i can never place the tapes on right to where they do not eventually touch my bare leg and scratch me. Not with the SDK’s! Not once did they feel uncomfortable or did the corners of the tapes poke into my legs.

These diapers did not bunch up a lot like many diapers i have tried in the past. Throughout the day i wet the diapers a few times. The SDK’s worked well at absorbing quickly. Even though my diaper was wet, it did not feel any wetter on my skin than if i was just naturally sweaty. I also did a “squeeze test” where i my legs together tightly when the diaper was very wet, to see if it would leak any wetness onto my skin or feel “squishy”. I was pleasantly surprised that the diaper did not leek any liquid and felt almost like having a soft towel between my legs. The diaper held up on the comfort side throughout the day, only becoming slightly uncomfortable at the end of the day when super soaked and worn for about 8 hours. This, of course, would not be typical as I would recommend changing long before this, but for this expirement, i was pleased at the outcome.

The SDK, as a plastic covered diaper, did have some noise, but nothing noticeable and nothing that would draw attention from others. It is important to remember that when people hear a plastic noise from an adult, they do not jump to “diaper”. They would think it is a wrapper or something similar in your pocket. But these diapers don’t put out much noise anyway. To limit noise i was wearing tight fitting boxer briefs which helped silence the diaper as well. Another good point to make, is that this diaper was not super bulky and did not swell a lot when wet which definitely helped keep it unnoticeable.

Noise. 4/5

Wetness. 4/5

Absorbency. 5/5

Comfort. 5/5

Extended day Comfort. 5/5

Wearing to work. 4/5

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