Wearing in Public

I am starting a series on wearing in public featuring a different diaper every day. I intend to wear one diaper to work for the whole work day (about 10 hours) and report my experiences. I will offer my perspective on things such as comfort over time, noise level, absorbency, comfort when wet, and any other topics that i notice while wearing to work.

I know all to well that finding a diaper to wear to work, in public, or in school, brings about several challenges and can limit the ability to change right away. This is why i decided to wear only one diaper the whole work day so that i can help others with finding diapers best suited for these situations.

I work for a food delivery service which provides a good range of sitting, standing, and interacting with others. I hope this series will help others in picking diapers to wear when out in public, especially if they are doing so for the first time.

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